About The New Look

Welcome to Jackdm.com! This site formerly was the main portal for all of my film and technology projects. My clothing brand, CosmoNaught (name now defunct), was hosted on a separate website.

All past posts have been archived to this new site to the best of my ability.

To clarify, Jackdm is simply my first name with my initials. People were always asking if it stood for Direct Message, so I just kind of went with it.

In regards to this particular website, it was created as a fork from https://github.com/chesterhow/tale and modified to fit what I need. If you care about the code check out https://github.com/Jackdm/jackdm.github.io.

Editing posts is pretty cool now, for me, as I do it all from Atom, the best code editor (not sponsored).


Thanks for checking out my stuff, hope you like what I make.